A Rich Equestrian History to be Showcased on Boston’s North Shore

The Wenham-Hamilton Museum, on the North Shore of Massachusetts, has proudly announced the creation of a gallery exclusively dedicated to the history of the horse in sport.

This exciting, interactive wing is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2018.

As the first of its kind in Massachusetts, the proposed Equestrian Histories Gallery will be an evolving exhibit dedicated to inspiring discovery of the rich history of horse and human that is part of the fabric of Boston’s beautiful North Shore.

Those familiar with the area know well of the past, present and future associations such as the practice areas for the 1976 Olympic equestrian team, polo scenes shot for the hollywood film, The Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen, and current polo events at the Myopia Polo Fields in Hamilton, MA.

A diverse collection of artifacts will inform the equestrian and educate the non-rider across a spectrum of age groups.  Beginning with children, the gallery will provide learning opportunities, programs, and  engaging hands-on activities designed to teach about the 6,000 year-old relationship between humans and the horse.  Other topics include horse physiology, preservation of open land, barn architecture, the horse’s connection with our military history from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, and of course includes the modern Olympics.

Adult equestrians and heritage visitors will learn the interconnected stories that capture the origins of the equine partnership with humankind in sport and commerce.

The gallery will convey universal themes such as tradition, community, sportsmanship, skill, practice, and competition. The gallery and related collections will provide an overview of polo, three-day eventing, fox hunting, dressage and combined driving among other sporting events.

The local North Shore history of open land, agriculture, and the parallel use of the horse for transportation and work will be explored, for example, through the Wenham Lake ice industry.  The gallery’s mission is to provide a platform to foster interest in equestrian sports today, and emphasize the importance of open land preservation and environmental protection.

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